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High performance teams are communicative, social and
motivated by recognition and rewards.




In the end, I found that not only was it cumbersome to maintain an app to address each of the above categories, but the features I really wanted to deploy were often part of the paid version of each app.  As you know, this can get expensive quickly.


So, I decided we needed to take a platform approach.  But, as I adjusted my search to more complete platforms, I found most were either too expensive, not conducive to our business model or not very mobile-friendly.


Enter HubEngage.  I found the HubEngage platform to have most of the features I feel are needed to build a more consistent employee engagement framework for our Sport Clips organization.  Using this platform, I set out to design an app that 1) could be used by my 27 stores, and 2) not be so specific to my business that it couldn’t also be used by other Sport Clips Team Leaders as a template should they decide to go down a similar path.


In the fall of 2021, we started a pilot for 2 stores and the management team.  After 60 days of evaluation and tweaking, we launched the mySporty app to the rest of the organization in January.  Today, ~200 Team Members are on the platform. 


While I don’t yet have any empirical statistics to validate the value of this app, I can tell you that it is very well received, and engagement is growing every day.  I don’t expect technology in and of itself to build our culture of communication, recognition, and rewards, but I am getting a strong sense of its value to create a framework through which we can successfully engage and retain our Team Members.


I am passionate about what we are doing with this technology, and I would love to tell you more about it.  Email me if you want to learn more.


- Patrick Hardy least that is my supposition based on years of being a small business owner and many hours of Internet research.  I am certainly no expert in this field, but as a Sport Clips Team Leader, now more than ever, I feel I must elevate our employee engagement activity to build and sustain a high-performance team. 


Knowing that employee engagement apps have been around for years and, having a background in technology, I set out to find tools to help me enhance our employee interactions.  Some of the point solution apps I evaluated include:


  • Employee Intranet  -  SharePoint, Beekeeper, Google Workspace

  • Private Social Platform  -  Facebook & YouTube, Honeycommb, Yammer

  • Employee Recognition  -  Qarrot, Applauz, Spinify, GetBadges, Schoox

  • Surveys, Forms, Quizzes  -  Survey Monkey, Google Forms, Tiny Pulse

  • Messaging  -  CrewApp, Connecteam, Twitter, FB Messenger, SimpleTexting

  • Email Communication  -  Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Google Mail Merge

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