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mySporty is our smart solution for most digital communications between Team Members.  TM's will likely continue to use external text messages or personal social media platforms to communicate with one another, but mySporty is our platform for all formal, work-related communications.

First, it is an intranet that is used to disseminate and store corporate communications, such as TM Handbook, compensation plans, blackout dates, store schedules, various announcements, etc.  When published, the content can be featured (i.e. it is pinned to the top of the home screen) and an expiration date can be set so that the content is removed when it is no longer relevant.

Next, Messaging replaces the group communications capabilities of CrewApp for our team. Users can create instant messaging threads with each other or they can create groups with whom they can communicate.  Files, images and emojis can also be attached to the message thread.

Finally, surveys, quizzes and forms can be created and targeted to all TM's or a subset of TM's.  We use these tools to create more touch points with the team.  Periodic surveys help us understand what we can be doing differently, short quizzes help us follow up on micro learning sessions and forms enable us to streamline the collection of information like roommate preference for the Huddle.

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