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mySporty gives team members an opportunity to recognize each other and to be recognized by corporate.  Peer to peer recognition consists of selecting a recognition type, tagging a TM(s) and then writing up the details of what they did well.  Once the recognition is published, all other TM's can see it and comment/like the post.

Corporate recognition often comes with associated points.  Monthly and quarterly, we recognize for TM of the Month for each store, Super Heroes, Stylists Care, various performance-related accomplishments, etc.  Each of these recognitions comes with points that can be accumulated and later exchanged for rewards.

Milestones are also recognized with associated points.  Birthdays, work anniversaries, and new TM's can be automatically recognized along with assigning points.  All TM's see these milestones and have an opportunity to like or congratulate the TM on the milestone.

Team members accumulate points for recognitions, surveys taken, quiz scores, milestones, and just about any behavior on mySporty we want to encourage (e.g. social posts, comments, likes).  TM's can save their points to redeem an award we create, like pizza for the team or a weekend at the beach.  Or, TM's can convert their points into any number of branded gift cards.

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